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Q. What does SONCAP stand for?
SONCAP stands for the Standards Organisation of Nigeria Conformity Assessment Program.

Q. What is the objective of SONCAP?

The SONCAP is a product conformity scheme whose objective is to help ensure that products exported to Nigeria meet minimum safety requirements. This will help ensure that Nigerian consumers are not exposed to potentially unsafe and sub-standard goods.

Q. Are certain goods exempt from the program?

Yes please follow the link below to download full listing
Click here for a detailed list of products exempt from SONCAP
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Q. Who has to demonstrate compliance with the SONCAP?
The responsibility for demonstrating compliance lies with the exporter to Nigeria. The compliance process should be undertaken in the country of export.

Q. How do exporters show compliance with the SONCAP?

Compliance with the SONCAP is a two stage process.
The first stage, Product Certification, is applicable only the first time that you wish to export a particular type or model of product. A Product Certificate will be issued after the submission of an acceptable Test Report to the local SON Country Office. The resulting Product Certificate can be valid for up to three years. The second stage, SONCAP Certification, is applicable on a shipment by shipment basis.

The detailed process is contained within the "Guidelines for Exporters" document which can be obtained from SON or your local SON Country Office or from our Downloads section.

Q. From where can the required Certificates be obtained?
SON have established a global network of SON Country Offices in all the major trading partners of Nigeria. All activities related to SONCAP must be performed in the country of export by the exporter through the SON Country Office with geographical responsibility for that country of export closest to the Exporter. The SON Country Office responsible for any given country can be found in Geographic Areas of Responsibility for SONCOs.pdf.

Q. With whom can I speak to find out further information about the SONCAP?

You can speak to your nearest SON Country Office whose contact details can be found at SON Country Offices.pdf.